Monday, June 01, 2009

CommunityOne - Ubuntu In the Clouds

Presented by Canonical, the vendor in supporting the Ubuntu development lifecycle. Talk begins with background on the Ubuntu development process and new features in 9.04. Ubuntu will not work on a mobile version, but will focus instead on its ability to run Android apps natively.

Moves on to Ubuntu ONE, a service that provides S3 storage for file synchronization. Currently in beta.

Polls by Ubuntu show 90% confidence in Ubuntu as a suitable OS for a cloud. They want to assure the OS can move between cloud vendors, public and private.

Ubuntu favors Amazon's EC3 cloud for a public cloud and says Amazon is preparing to open their APIs.

They prefer Eucalyptus for private clouds as it mimics Amazon's APIs. Eucalyptus has a experimental public cloud that allows free use with some restructions. Eucalyptus is currently available as a technology preview in 9.04 with full integration expected for 9.10(October 2009).

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Jeff Carlson said...

So, the Ubuntu guys come to a Sun event and say to use another OS and another vendor for Infrastructure. I would have liked to see the faces of the Sun sponsors. I wonder if they knew he would say that or if they were as surprised as I am.

I think the content is right on and am glad someone said it to the CommunityOne group.