Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Anonymous said...

Hola John Duncan! We realize you gave us your spam email address for the duncan-consulting domain, so we thought we'd let you know, in whatever way possible, that you forgot to send us your laptop make/model to cut your DrawTop! Check your spam folder and let us know! Thanks!

<3 The DrawTop Team

Macdhonn said...

Hi John, didn't see a "contact us" address so am posting here...sorry. Please erase this after reading...don't want to mess up your blog w/irrelevent stuff.
I'm intrigued by the name of your blog. Are you into clan history?I know that Duncan is one of the oldest Mac Dhonnchaidh names (from Stout Duncan from way back in Castle Inverness)and I am a McConkey which is also a later derivative of Mac Dhonnchaidh. I've found some stuff over the years, but always looking for more. Any good links, books or other sources you know of? Thanks.
Mac in Minnesota